Feature Status

This page lists the relative maturity and support level of every Istio feature. Please note that the phases (Alpha, Beta, and Stable) are applied to individual features within the project, not to the project as a whole. Here is a high level description of what these labels means:

Feature phase definitions

PurposeDemo-able, works end-to-end but has limitationsUsable in production, not a toy anymoreDependable, production hardened
APINo guarantees on backward compatibilityAPIs are versionedDependable, production-worthy. APIs are versioned, with automated version conversion for backward compatibility
PerformanceNot quantified or guaranteedNot quantified or guaranteedPerformance (latency/scale) is quantified, documented, with guarantees against regression
Deprecation PolicyNoneWeak - 3 monthsDependable, Firm. 1 year notice will be provided before changes

Istio features

Below is our list of existing features and their current phases. This information will be updated after every monthly release.

Traffic management

Protocols: HTTP 1.1Beta
Protocols: HTTP 2.0Alpha
Protocols: gRPCAlpha
Protocols: TCPAlpha
Protocols: WebSocketAlpha
Protocols: MongoDBAlpha
Routing Rules: RetryAlpha
Routing Rules: TimeoutAlpha
Routing Rules: Circuit BreakAlpha
Routing Rules: Header RewriteAlpha
Routing Rules: Traffic SplittingAlpha
Improved Routing Rules: Composite ServiceAlpha
Quota / Redis Rate Limiting (Adapter and Server)Alpha
Memquota Implementation and IntegrationStable
Ingress TLSAlpha
Egress Policy and TelemetryAlpha


Prometheus IntegrationBeta
Local Logging (STDIO)Stable
Statsd IntegrationStable
Service Dashboard in GrafanaBeta
Stackdriver IntegrationAlpha
Service GraphAlpha
Distributed Tracing to Zipkin / JaegerAlpha
Istio Component Dashboard in GrafanaBeta
Service TracingAlpha


Deny CheckerStable
List CheckerStable
Kubernetes: Service Credential DistributionStable
Pluggable Key/Cert Support for Istio CAStable
Service-to-service mutual TLSStable
Incremental Enablement of service-to-service mutual TLSAlpha
VM: Service Credential DistributionAlpha
OPA CheckerAlpha
RBAC Mixer AdapterAlpha
API KeysAlpha


Kubernetes: Envoy Installation and Traffic InterceptionBeta
Kubernetes: Istio Control Plane InstallationBeta
Pilot Integration into Kubernetes Service DiscoveryStable
Attribute Expression LanguageStable
Mixer Adapter Authoring ModelStable
VM: Envoy Installation, Traffic Interception and Service RegistrationAlpha
VM: Istio Control Plane Installation and Upgrade (Galley, Mixer, Pilot, CA)Alpha
VM: Ansible Envoy Installation, Interception and RegistrationAlpha
Kubernetes: Istio Control Plane UpgradeBeta
Pilot Integration into ConsulAlpha
Pilot Integration into EurekaAlpha
Pilot Integration into Cloud Foundry Service DiscoveryAlpha
Basic Config Resource ValidationAlpha
Mixer Telemetry Collection (Tracing, Logging, Monitoring)Alpha
Custom Mixer Build ModelAlpha
Enable API attributes using an IDLAlpha
Multicluster MeshAlpha

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